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Virginia Department of Health COVID-19 Point of Care (POC) Test Reporting Guidance

The Virginia Department of Health COVID-19 POC portal allows health care professionals, who are unable to report electronically via HL7 or flat file, the ability to submit rapid COVID-19 test results through this portal to meet the COVID-19 reporting requirements.

  • Positive SARS-CoV-2 tests (both PCR and Antigen) should be reported by directors of laboratories and other entities that hold Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) Certificates of Waiver.
    • The report must be submitted electronically within three days of identification using either VDH’s available portal (here) for laboratory reporting or electronic laboratory reporting.
    • Negative SARS-CoV-2 test results are no longer required to be reported.
  • Physicians and directors of medical facilities should submit reports to the Confidential Morbidity Report Portal (Epi-1) or via electronic case reporting to meet COVID-19 reporting requirements for clinical reporting. *If physicians or directors of medical facilities perform tests and hold a CLIA Certificate of Waiver, it is sufficient to report only to the POC portal with all required data elements. *
What is Point of Care testing?

Point of Care testing is medical diagnostic testing conducted outside of a traditional laboratory setting that occurs at the time and place of patient care (i.e., physician’s office, pharmacy, nursing home, etc.).

When should reporting occur?

Facilities/Providers should report positive SARS-CoV-2 POC test results (both PCR and Antigens) through the online portal within 3 days of receiving a result. You should only report via this portal if you are unable to report electronically via HL7 or flat file to VDH. Testing sites that perform COVID-19 surveillance testing on de-identified samples, regardless of their CLIA status, should not report the results of their surveillance testing to local, state, territorial, or tribal health departments. If at any time a facility intends to report a patient-specific test result, it must first obtain a CLIA certificate and meet all requirements to perform testing.

How to report? And next steps…

Facilities/Providers utilizing POC testing, who are unable to report via HL7 or flat file to VDH, are requested to report individual results using the VDH COVID-19 POC reporting portal. To ensure proper access and reporting via this portal…

  • A single, main point of contact for each facility/provider should create a user account.
  • This user will register your POC facility for online reporting via the Facility/Practice Registration page. Each facility needs to be registered once.
  • After successfully registering your facility, you will receive a registration confirmation.
  • VDH team will review your request for access to the COVID-19 POC portal for test result submission. You will receive an email notification that access has been granted to the online portal. Access to the online portal may take 2-3 days.
  • Once access has been granted, the main point of contact will be able to add additional facilities and contacts that will assist in data entry of POC results.
  • The Bulk upload and multi facility registration functionalities are now available through the portal. For POC users to have access to more than one facility and/or the bulk upload feature, the main point of contact must email with their request. Please note that each user's current role will apply to all facilities to which they have access.
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