Statistical Reports and Tables

The Division of Health Statistics provides a number of files which may be downloaded from this page to your PC. These files provide general information and also supplement the data presented in our annual report publication. Please note that many of these items are Portable Document Format (PDF) files that require the use of the Adobe Acrobat Reader software. PDF files overcome the challenge of providing data in a format that is independent of the software and hardware environment of the user. The Acrobat Reader may be downloaded free of charge from the Adobe Corporation website.

Unless otherwise noted, the counts given in the following reports and tables apply to Virginia residents only. Total death rates shown are unadjusted estimates unless otherwise noted. Age-adjusted estimates are available upon request.

NOTE: The figures given below for non-marital births should not be used as a proxy for unplanned pregnancies.

Data Tables

Births, Pregnancies, Induced Terminations
Live Births (updated) - Total live births by race and city/county.
All Deaths - Statewide 113 causes of death by race/sex/age and total deaths by race and city/county.
Low/Very Low Weight Births (updated) - Resident low/very low weight births by race and city/county.
NCHS Bridged-Race Population Estimates for Virginia (updated) - 2015-2017 resident Virginia population estimates by race (White, Black, Asian, Native Amer.), Hispanic ethnicity, sex, and age.

2018Pop.xls - 2018 Virginia resident population estimates in Excel format.

2017Pop.xls - 2017 Virginia resident population estimates in Excel format.

2016Pop.xls - 2016 Virginia resident population estimates in Excel format.

Non-Marital Births (updated) - Resident non-marital births by race and city/county.
Teenage Pregnancies - Teenage pregnancies, live births, induced terminations, and fetal deaths by age/race and city/county.
Induced Terminations (updated) - Resident induced terminations by race/city/county and induced terminations by facility of occurrence.
Infant Deaths - Total infant deaths by race and city/county.
Early Infant Deaths - Resident early infant and neonatal deaths by race and city/county.
Natural Fetal Deaths - Resident total and non-marital fetal deaths by race and city/county.


All Other Annual Report Data

Please look below for any data not available in any of the sections above. Currently we are still building out all items needed for the Vital Statistics Annual Report. To accommodate users, we will periodically update this section with data as it is completed. Data are categorized by the Volume and Table number it is associated with in the Annual Report.

Volume 1:
Volume 2:
Volume 3:



Life Expectancy (updated)- Statewide life tables by race/sex/age.
Quick Facts - Most Popular Baby Names, Oldest, Youngest, Largest, etc.
Health Equity Reports - A summary report on the health status of Virginia's minority groups.
Maps - Births, Deaths, Teen Pregnancy/Deaths, Health/Planning Districts.
Virginia Health Statistics Annual Reports

Trend Charts (updated)- Births, Deaths, Life Expectancy, Marriage, Divorce.

Marriages and Divorces
Recorded Marriages by City/County of Occurrence - Total marriages and marriages to brides ages 14-15 by race and city/county.
Recorded Divorces by City/County of Occurrence - Total divorces by number of children involved and city/county.
Recorded Marriages by Age and Race - Statewide marriage occurrences by age and race of bride or groom.
Recorded Marriages by Age of Bride by Age of Groom - Statewide marriage occurrences by age.
Recorded Marriages by City/County of License Issuance by Same Sex Marriage - Statewide marriage by same sex marriage or not same sex marriage.

Summary and Population Data

Summary Data
Population Data
City/County Profiles - Births, pregnancies, infant/fetal deaths, induced terminations, leading causes of death, and population with health district and state comparisons.
Cancer Deaths -
5 yr. aggregate counts with age adjusted rates by Health District & city/county in Excel format.




Vital Events Summary - Pregnancies, births, induced terminations, infant/fetal deaths, and total deaths by city/county.
Population Projections - 15 yr. population tables by city and county.